Not Such a Safe Space After All

After a few years of fairly prolific blogging about education, I quite suddenly fell silent. I had, I think, been naïve to assume that putting my thoughts out into the public sphere was a safe activity. But, just over a year ago, someone took and twisted the words of my blog and used them in a particularly nasty attempt to sabotage my career. It was their first, but not their last attempt to do so.

It’s taken over a year to come to terms with the knowledge that there are people who act with such cowardice and malice, and that what we put into the public sphere can make us vulnerable. But I miss being part of the conversation about education. I miss blogging, I miss being a part of the public dialogue, and I don’t like being silenced. That act of cruelty hurt, but I think  I’ve enough courage to return to the public space. So this term break, I plan to start writing a few posts again, but perhaps with a little more caution… Stay tuned.


5 thoughts on “Not Such a Safe Space After All

  1. I look forward to your post. You have a very informed perspective in education. So many can learn from you.


  2. Yay! The haters can get…well, I probably shouldn’t be so indiscrete myself. But I’m so looking forward to reading your work again sometime soon.


  3. I find this disappointing. As someone who often lets my frustration get the better of me and who rants without thinking it through, you’ve been a role model for me in terms of someone who challenges, critiques and engages others passionately but manages to do so in a respectful and measured manner. I find it gobsmacking that anyone would target you, of all people, in this way.

    You’re a strong woman with a strong voice, so I’m glad you haven’t let the bullies silence you. Good to have you back. 🙂


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